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390 Hard part LA - steering stop R 850 / 1100 GS The steering stop is also prone to break after a heavy fall. In case of extreme stress on the handlebars, the steering stop breaks. It is a time-consuming and quite expensive job to replace the yoke... Our solution: - Made of aluminium and durable Delrin - Additional rubber buffers - Easy to mount - Double coating for the SilverLine For those among you who don‘t want to worry about bike repairs after a heavy fall... 040-1302 yellow 040-1312 silver Hard part LA - steering stop R 1150 GS / Adventure The steering stop of the R1150 GS can break from a heavy fall: In case of extreme stress on the hand- lebars or front wheel, the steering stop can break off, sometimes damaging the frame stop as well and the fork legs. The fork may also damage the tank leaving ugly dents. The 1150 brake line can be caught between the fork leg and telelver and is likely to get damaged. If so, forget about riding home. The hard part LA for R1150GS comes with a brake line support, too. The SilverLine matches BMW silver with clear coat. BMW R 1150 GS 040-1303 yellow 040-1313 silver BMW R 1150 GS Adventure 040-1307 yellow 040-1317 silver Spoiler for original BMW hand protectors BMW R 1150 GS / Adventure Very useful accessories for the GS-biker. Optimal hand protection for the original protectors. Very useful and pleasant in rain, snow, hail and cold. Easy to fix by drilling two small holes through the protector. The spoilers are made out of resistant and light synthetic. Colour: black Spoiler for orginal protektors 040-1701 black

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