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BMW R850/1100/1150GS 389 Windscreen spoiler Adventure / R 1150 GS / 1100 GS / 850 GS Some R1100 / 1150 GS / Adventure drivers complain about heavy airflow behind the windscreen. The upright riding position on the GS may be one reason for this. We have tried to ease this problem: With this spoiler the windscreen is approx. 8 cm higher. PLEASE NOTE: For use with original windscreen only! 048-0414 R 1150 GS 040-1350 Adventure Headlight cover BMW R 1150 GS / Adventure Optimum protection of the lamps against flying stones Durable, non-breakable, shatter- proof, nearly invisible headlight cover; vehicle design remains unchanged; existing fairing bolts are used for fitting. Mounting kit includes long screws and spacers for easy installation. The headlight cover has not been type-approved by the German TÜV and must not be used on public roads. 040-0330 Polycarbonat (clear plastic) 040-0331 Steel grille

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