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BMW R1200R (-2014) 377 Jack Handle, Pull-Out BMW R 1200 R (without ESA) The new solution for an old problem. Our jack handle is designed to be an ergonomically perfect attach- ment to the bike, providing the best possible hauling angle. It is also hardly noticeable due to its small visible size, and the innovative concept means it is protected against external influences such as dirt and water. If you want to jack up the bike, all you have to do is pull the lever out of its support - and return it to that position when you have finished. Unobtrusive, incredibly practical - and a little highlight for the bike. It also protects the back, since it enables the user to stand parallel to the bike to jack it up. The weight of the bike can be pulled onto the stand using the strength of the thighs and the support of the jack handle. 610-0027 all years of construction Footpegs, Splash guard LED Indicator ARROW BMW R 1200 R The sporty replacement for the originals. The indicators blend elegantly with the shape of the motorcycle. Delivery includes all parts needed for mounting and 3 x resistor to ensure that normal indicator frequency is maintained. - Carries the E-test mark - Consisting of 1 kit (2 in front and 2 behind) 615-1000

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