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366 Drive Shaft Crash Bungs BMW R 1200 R A small item that can make a big difference! Our crash bung protects the drive shaft against expensive damage in the event of a fall. Thanks to its solid construction, the crash bung absorbs the forces and reliably protects the drive shaft tunnel against damage caused by contact with the road surface. 610-0007 all years of construction Throttle Potentiometer Cover BMW R 1200 R (2006 - 2010) This guard for the throttle potentiometer has its origins in offroad biking. It‘s so easy to accidentally catch your boot on the potentiometer without even noticing and thus change the settings. Our elegant and understated guard is the perfect way to prevent this from happening. 610-0011 black 044-0730 silver Carbon Brake Cylinder Guard BMW R 1200 R Finest design combining functionality and protection. Protects the brake cylinder, rubber sleeve and brake line connections perfectly from damage caused by the boots. 040-1011 Guard for Throttle Position Sensor V2.0 BMW R 1200 R You know the problem: the throttle potentiometer connector, broken by your riding boot. With our attractive rugged cover, this important electrical connector of your fuel injection system is protected. Made of 3 mm anodized aluminium. 044-0735 natural aluminium 044-0736 black

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