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BMW R1200R (-2014) 357 610-0021 610-5411 GPS Mounting Adapter, Handlebar Clamp BMW R 1200 R Where do you put the GPS on a naked bike? With our shapely mounting, it can be secured perfectly right next to the instruments without concealing them. When used in conjunction with a handlebar riser, your view is not impaired at all, even with a tank bag fitted. Easy to fit, unobtrusive, and compatible with any of our navigation system mountings. 610-0021 up to 2010 610-5410 from 2011 onwards To be used with handlebar riser 610-5255 (p. 356) 610-5411 from 2011 onwards Horn Button Protection You know the problem: with a fully packed tank bag and the handlebar turned nearly all the way, the horn button is pressed accidentally. With our 1.5 mm thick, powder-coated stainless steel horn protection, the problem is gone for good. The horn protection is easily fitted with the existing instrument screw and is hardly noticeable. The functionality of the horn is not impaired in any way. 044-3034

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