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356 Handlebar Riser BMW R 1200 R 25 mm, Anodised A small change that makes a big difference! The handlebar riser raises the handlebar by 25 mm, which enables the rider to sit more upright. You no longer have to worry about getting tired - even on long journeys. Street legal. 610-0010 2006-2010 (25 mm) 610-5255 from 2011 onwards (20 mm) Offset Handlebar Riser BMW R 1200 R Long-distance comfort and perfect handling - pure and unadulterated. Our offset handlebar riser not only raises the handlebar, but also brings it closer to the rider. This provides perfect ergonomics for tall riders and furthermore allows for a much sportier riding style. We never leave home without it. Street legal. 610-0020 2006-2010 610-5257 from 2011 onwards If our handlebar risers shall be installed we recom- mend the use of the 3 cm longer steel braided brake line for the BMW R 1200 R (610-5365, p. 361). Fork Brace Cover Our milled cover for the steering head opening not only covers the ugly opening, but also protects the delicate bearings and bushes against dirt. Plus the cover also looks good, and nicely complements the sporty appearance of the bike. 610-0037 up to 2010 610-00102006-2010 (25 mm) 610-00202006-2010

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