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338 R 1200 RT Side Stand Extension Streetline The sporty size of the side stand support surface is a frequent source of trouble: within moments, the side stand sinks down in the sun-heated asphalt, and your bike hits the hard ground. Our extension for the side stand support surface is the perfect remedy because it significantly increases the size of the support surface. And thanks to our designer the looks have turned out very nicely, too: with its sporty, technical appeal it is a real eye catcher. Milled from a single piece! 610-0017 R 1200 RT Side Stand Support extension With this side stand support extension the R 1200 RT stands much more firmly even on quite a soft surface. Whether you park the motorbike in a meadow or on hot, soft asphalt you don‘t have to worry that it will fall over while you‘re gone. This practical part is made of a combination of stainless steel laser parts and anodised aluminium. Quick and easy to fit. 047-0150 Foot Brake Lever Steel, Black BMW R 1200 RT Stylish fold-away foot brake lever in black. 047-0180

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