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BMW R1200RT (-2013) 331 BMW R 1200 RT Crash Bars (-2013) The refined lines of the new boxer engine were retained in the design of the best crash bars available. As a result, this beautiful motorcycle looks even better with our crashbars. Not only is the cylinder head protected but the engine case stabilised by truss construction with a ‚Äěpredetermined point of inflection‚Äú. A fastening method specially adapted to the lightweight design of the R 1200 RT transmits forces into the frame and properly employs the structural elements of the engine case, without increasing the load on the engine screw threads. It would be a shame to protect the cylinder head covers at the expense of the engine housing. The cross connecting bar is heavily braced with additional supports that transmit forces into the main frame in the same manner. They are made of 25 mm stainless steel, a high quality, refined material that accentuates the quality of the R 1200 RT. The finish is bright stainless steel, but lightly textured by bead blast, then passivated. It is very easy to install. The bars are designed to be as narrow and compact as possible. Oil and filter can be changed without removing the crash bars. (Item no. 047-0160 - 2005-2009 / 047-0162 from 2010). 047-0104 Drive Shaft Crash Bungs A small item that can make a big difference! Our crash bung protects the drive shaft against expensive damage in the event of a fall. Thanks to its solid construction, the crash bung absorbs the forces and reliably protects the drive shaft tunnel against damage caused by contact with the road surface. 610-0007 Crash bars, Crash bungs

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