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328 High End Comfort R 1200 RT Rider And Pillion Passenger Seat (-2013) Our developers have opened a new chapter in providing a comfortable seat for thoroughbred long-dis- tance motorbikes such as the R 1200 RT. The High End comfort rider and pillion passenger seats from Touratech feature excellent materials and a high-quality finish for unspoilt motorbike-trips. The rider and pillion passenger seats are 30 mm wider than the original seat. In addition, the seats feature a bucket-shape seat platform to take pressure off the passenger‘s tailbone. While the seat-padding is pleas- antly soft, it effectively prevents the seats from being worn out. This results in a noticeably more comfortable, painless and more relaxed riding. We have paid special attention to the pillion passenger‘s riding comfort and designed an anatomical seat with the front part being higher in the middle. This prevents cramped rid- ing and a hollow back. Both rider and pillion passenger will no longer slip forward during braking. With this new seat, the rider and pillion passenger will experience higher riding comfort and more pleasure. 047-0300 standard 047-0301 standard heated 047-0310 high 047-0311 high heated 047-0320 low 047-0321 low heated 047-0330 pillion 047-0331 pillion heated

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