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BMW HP2 285 BMW HP2 Crash Bars These crash bars have been adapted specially for the HP 2 design. The lines and forms of the refined boxer engine have been used again and incorporated beautifully into the whole appearance of the motorcycle. In spite of the fact that they are so good to look at, they are certainly one of the best crash bars on the market because with these crash bars not only is the cylinder protected but also the engine housing stabilised in quite a special way because of a bridge construction with a “predetermined point of inflection”. As a result, in most falls there is not such a great strain on this fastening screw thread and the engine housing remains intact - it would, of course, be a shame if the valve cover was protected but the engine housing destroyed. The connecting bar is also very robustly designed because of additional supports on the main frame and can take such greater stresses and forces. The crash bars are made of non-rust stainless steel. The HP2 really neds this high-quality, refined material. It is very easy and quick to fit. Most necessary maintenance work can be done without removing the crash bars. 051-0570 Aluminium Sump Guard BMW HP2 As it is perfectly built for all terrain the HP2 constantly invites you to go on sportiv off road trips. So that this remains an unalloyed pleasure, we have developed a sump guard especially for the HP2. Any knocks or impact are distributed over the whole engine block so that the engine housing is protected in the best possible way. When used on rough terrain the bike can slide much more easily over stones, rocks and uneven ground because of the angled shape of the front of the sump guard. In addition the sump guard is so long that it also protects the front silencer and the catalytic converter. Strongly constructed from 4mm aluminium with a special stainless steel stand. Anyone wanting to go really off road with their HP2 can‘t easily do without this sump guard! 044-0309

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