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BMW HP2 283 044-0250044-0260 044-0132 Throttle Potentiometer cover BMW HP2 You know the problem! The plug breaks off the throttle potentiometer because you‘ve caught your boot on it. This won‘t happen any more! Thanks to our beautiful, strong cover the book can now slide off. Made of 3 mm anodised aluminium. Fitted using two spacers and longer M4 x 40 raised head screws. 044-2004 BMW HP2 Exhaust Manifold Cover Finally, no more scuffed boot soles. Sturdy exhaust manifold covers for the HP2. They cover part of any tarnished manifold, also protect the boots and protect the cross tube from stones being thrown up and heavy soiling. The manifold covers are made of laser cut, anodised aluminium. The flexible manifold guard (044-0132) is made of high grade steel. Left exhaust manifold cover 044-0270 Right exhaust manifold cover 044-0260 Cross tube manifold cover 044-0250 Manifold guard, flexible 2pce. 044-0132 Frame Protectors On the standard motorcycle the frame is not protected and your enduro boots will soon damage the paint of the frame. Our new frame protectors made from aluminium solve this problem. They will last forever, are very lightweight and also add a stylish look to your bike. 044-2002

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