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BMW HP2 281 BMW HP2 Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover Prevents the reservoir cover from coming off accidentally and protects it from damage. - Made from 2 mm aluminium - Natural anodised aluminium surface. Cannot be combined with the sports side covers! 044-2001 HP2 Lambda Probe Guard The Lambda probe (oxygen sensor) is a sensitive measuring device that measures the fuel mixture emission parameters and sends these to the fuel injection control unit. This important measuring device is located on the top of the manifold pipe and is almost unprotected. This guard protects the lambda probe from stones being thrown up and heavy soiling and helps to ensure that this impor- tant piece of equipment will always work perfectly. The lambda probe guard is made from laser cut, anodised aluminium. 044-2090 Hyperpro Progressive Replacement Forksprings, BMW HP 2 A replacement for the original fork springs from Hyperpro, the Dutch specialist for suspension products. The progressive springs are perfectly mat- ched the BMW HP2 with our large tank and offer a significantly improved response and greater safety in extreme situations, even with the higher weight on the front wheel. Delivery includes detailed instal- lation instructions, the correct fork oil and a paste to improve the slippage of the dip tubes. 040-7408 Locking Oil Filler Cap for BMW HP2 044-0210 Oil Filler Cap with Hexagonal Screw for BMW HP2 044-0212 Oil Filler Cap for Torx 50 for BMW HP2 I044-0214

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