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280 Touratech hand protectors GD BMW HP2 When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets 040-666X (Hand protectors) Spoiler for better weather protection can be faund on page 277 as accessory for above mentioned products. Headlight Protector PC BMW HP2 Headlight protector HP2 PC is manufactured out of polycarbonate. It mounts to the headlight bezel of the HP2 with spacers and longer screws. The material is extremely tough, non-shattering and is almost invisible and meshes with the appearance of the motorcycle very well. Everything required for mounting is included with delivery. The headlight protector does not have German TÜV-type approval and was developed for offroad and daytime use only. 044-2018 Quick Fastener for BMW HP2 Seat The original fastener on the HP2 seat can only be opened with a special tool from BMW. If you lose it on the road, it is almost impossible to remove the seat to get to the tools or tyre inflator. With the quick fastener the seat can be unlocked and removed quickly without the special tool. 044-2130 Pivot-Point Cover HP2 This cover, made of turned and machined anodised aluminium, effectively covers the pivot point on the right side. A beautifully shaped accessory for the HP2 to cover the somewhat „rustic-looking“ single screws and protect them from dirt. 044-2012 right silver 044-2014 left silver

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