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BMW HP2 279 Onboard Electrical Socket The 2nd onboard electrical socket is screwed on directly underneath the tachometer unit and can thus be accessed easily. Another benefit of this fitting position is that there is no need to run long cables if you want to fit a navigation unit to the handlebars for example. The onboard electrical socket can also be fitted together with our Roadbook holder or IMO. The fastening is made from 3 mm anodised aluminium and is screwed on using the existing bore hole. 044-2150 Handlebar Crossbar With our handlebar crossbar fitted to your HP2, you can now also place a Roadbook holder, motorcycle computer or navigation systems in your direct field of vision. A very useful part made from aluminium. 040-0604 Handlebar Risers HP2 This handlebar risers not only raises the handlebars by 26 mm, it provides 3 different handlebar posi- tions - towards and away from the motorcyclist. The original clamp is used - it is screwed on to two aluminium blocks. The blocks, facing a little outwards, are screwed on to the fork stabiliser ready to go! 044-2070 Sporty Side Panels for the BMW HP2 These sporty side panels protect the components underneath from getting dirty. They reflect the sporty HP2 design. 044-2030

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