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BMW R1200GS (-2012) 253BMW R1200GS Adventure (-2013) Charger „Compact Worldwide” Suitable for BMW CAN bus. Super-compact charger, extremely easy to use, also suitable for all CAN bus motorcycles such as the R 1200 GS, F 800 GS, etc.-Simply plug into the existing onboard power socket,and that’s it! Charges the battery on CAN Bus motorcycles even when ignition is switched off.- Main- tenance charging function and charge state LED - 5 m cable and Onboard power supply plug with 4 interchangeable plugs for EU, UK, USA and AUS IN: 100-240 V; 50-60 Hz; 550mA & OUT: 12 V; 1.66A - Also suitable for many other motorbikes with lead, lead gel and maintenance free batteries TIP: Can be used on your motorbike, too, with our “onboard socket add-on kit with fuse”! 130-0014 Accessory Socket If your motorcycle doesn‘t have an accessory socket or if you need an additional power supply. We use the accessory socket..... ...for connecting our CHALA12HD lamp charge the camera barreries ...for our air compressor after repairing a flat tyre..... Fittings included / Mounts on the crossbar or handlebars (diameter of tubing 22mm). With fuse to connect directly to the battery for example 030-0027 SSR-01 Voltage Control Module The SSR-01 voltage control modules combines the features of the above TPS 15 with a delayed voltage drop function (1 minute). All power consuming devices are interrupted using a load rejection relay when starting the R1200GS. The on-board electrical system socket is also switched off when doing this. The reason for this is to deliver maximum battery power to the starter. However, GPS units, for .example, that consume little are also switched off and must be rebooted after each short “motor break”. The SSR module’s delayed voltage drop function avoids this. Batteries continue to be charged and the GPS unit remains on when starting the motor. 044-0690 Fuel Siphoning Adapter Line Practical siphoning line for the R1200GS. Thus you can, for example, fill your stove or help out another motor bike rider with fuel quickly and easily by simply turning the quick fasteners on the fuel line of your R1200GS. The connector on the adapter line may vary depending on the year of manufacture. Please check whether you need a male connector (070-0692) or a female connector (070-0690). 070-0690 (female connector) 070-0692 (male connector)

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