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252 044-0875 Unifilter BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure Unifilter Australia gave us an air filter to test that fully met our expectations. The Touratech Research & Development team used the Unifilter in all the races in the last season and since then have found no dust residue in the air filter box. 044-0870 Replacement for the prefilter from article number 044-0870, set of two. 044-0875 Multitool R 1200 GS The brilliant little helper to adjust the wind shield, to open or close the original oil caps and to open bottles. It saves removing the seat to get a tool for these routine tasks. 044-0580 up to 2009 model TPS 15 for BMW CAN-BUS 15A relais switch With this practical little helper you can also connect various electrical devices, such as a tent light, compressor or battery charging unit (maximum 5 up to 15 A), to the complex R1200GS CAN bus system and operate these easily without the on-board electronic system being switched off automatically. - fits all BMW with (single-wire) CAN-BUS, e.g. R1200GS, F800/650GS, etc. 044-0450 BOXER OIL 4T 15W/50 - Specially designed for the requirements of air/oil- cooled engines - Synthetic Performance MC “Molecularly Converted” - Developed and tested in co-operation with AC Schnitzer - Noticeably improved engine response - Lower internal friction reduces consumption and wear - Special additive package for lower evaporation loss (NOACK ) reduces oil consumption - Excellent temperature stability and high pressure absorption - JASO MA specification means it is also suitable for all other BMW engines. - The oil for all engines by this manufacturer - Specifications: JASO MA - API SL, SJ, SH, SG 400-0166 (1 litre) 400-0167 (4 litres)

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