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BMW R1200GS (-2012) 251BMW R1200GS Adventure (-2013) Adventure Luggage Rack Support/Extension BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure Lashing down luggage rolls or luggage is much easier because of the slots and the significantly Ad- venture wider rack. The pack includes all the fixing material with the special gaps. 044-0420 R 1200 GS 044-0790 R 1200 GS Adventure Luggage Rack BMW R 1200 GS The aluminium plate has slots to thread through the fixing straps so that the luggage is held as safely and firmly as possible. You can still use the original panniers or Zega cases.*Not with original Topcase BMW* The high-quality luggage rack is fitted in the same places as the plastic one and is replaced very quickly and easily. A handle for the pillion passenger is incorporated into the luggage rack. 044-0600 Luggage Rack instead of Pillion Seat XL Useful accessory for the solo motorcyclist. Fitted in place of the pillion seat. Luggage can now be positioned for ideal weight distribution. Thanks to the slits and the broad support area, luggage can be lashed simply and securely.The laser-cut aluminium plate is also an excellent optical replacement for the pillion seat. 044-5460 Number plate splash guard for BMW R1200GS / R1200GS Adventure This black anodised splash guard is mounted behind the number plate bracket and extends it both down- wards and towards the rear of the bike. It therefore effectively prevents dirt and other debris from soiling or damaging your seat, clothing, or luggage. 044-5000 (<18 cm>) 044-0240 (<20 cm>)

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