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BMW R1200GS (-2012) 235BMW R1200GS Adventure (-2013) Lambda Sensor Protection (set) BMW R 1200 GS, only ADV from 2006 These guards in a new look are manufactured from 1.5mm thick stainless steel and reliably protect the sensitive lambda sensors on both manifolds of the R1200ADV from stones and dirt. Fits only the R1200ADV with the original engine guard. 044-3010 from 2006 Lambda Sensor Protection R 1200 GS The lambda sensor (oxygen sensor) is a sensitive measuring device that measures the fuel mixture emission parameters and sends these to the fuel injection control unit. This important measuring device is located on the top of the manifold pipe but nevertheless in off-road conditions it and the wires are in danger from sticks or stones and heavy soiling. It is imperative to the engine control system that this important piece of equipment will always work perfectly. The guard is made from lasercut, anodised aluminium. 044-2090 up to 2009 Oil Cooler Protection BMW R 1200 GS / Adventure The oil cooler on the R1200GS is also unprotected in the standard model.This protector is made of aluminium and is available in either silver or black. It is effective not only against stones, but also against the countless small insects which otherwise become trapped in the cooler. The radiator cover can cause the engine to overheat under extreme conditions with high outside temperatures and an extreme engine load For all 1200 GS! 044-0340 (silver) 044-0342 (black)

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