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228 BOS GP2 Rear Silencer R 1200 GS/Adventure with ABE type approval Elegant and lightweight rear silencer. The entire exhaust is extremely well crafted. With an aluminium outer shell, the exhaust is exceptionally lightweight, robust and stain-resistant. A significant temperature drop at the silencer has been possible thanks to the innovative design and high-quality materials used. With the BOS silencer, scorched luggage cases and singed pillion-rider boots are a thing of the past. 040-3388 from 2010 Stainless steel (3,6 kg) 040-3387 up to 2009 Stainless steel (3,6 kg) Stainless-Steel Exhaust Manifold R 1200 GS without catalytic converter, no EC/ABE type approval. Replacement catalytic converter specially designed for touring in countries where unleaded petrol is not available. The lambda sensors are still used, so there is no need to customi- se the engine management system. Fits the original rear silencer and the Remus/BOS silencer accessory. 044-0501 up to 2009 044-0502 from 2010 Hard-Part GS Fork Protectors BMW R 1200 GS / Adventure These fork protectors give utmost protection to the stanchion of the telelever forks. Forget about damage caused by flying stones, dust or mud. Our new fork protectors are made of soft neoprene and mount without tools. They are wrapped around the sensitive parts of the fork, fastened with Velcro and fixed. 040-1304

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