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222 044-1011 044-1012 044-1010 044-1013 IN THE EU - (GERM A N Y) Comfortable LDC seat Comfort can also look good! Stylish seat modules for the R 1200 GS / Adventure. These seats are made from high-quality materials and are specially adapted to the ergonomic requirements of long-distance trips. Thus, our seat largely minimises marks on your thighs caused by wrong padding or seams in the wrong places. The very strong padding effectively prevents a sore bottom. You will no longer feel “whacked” even after many miles. In addition, the seat is shaped in such a way that you can enjoy an almost perfect, comfortable riding position. Because of the high-quality, tightly fitted synthetic leather cover, the seats’ contours do not show and water cannot collect on the seats when it is raining. The pillion passenger seat has another important benefit as it helps prevent your pillion passengers from sliding forwards when braking. This means even more riding comfort for them. With these seat modules you will no longer have to be afraid of very long-distance journeys when riding on your own or with somebody else. You can order both the pillion passenger seat and the driver seat separately. Both seats can also be easily fitted together with the series models. Height 044-1011 LDC R1200GS comfortable driver seat extra low 48 cm 044-1012 LDC R1200GS comfortable driver seat low 50/52 cm 044-1010 LDC R1200GS comfortable driver seat standard 51/53 cm 044-1013 LDC R1200GS comfortable driver seat high 54/56 cm 044-1020 LDC R1200GS comfortable pillion passenger seat 044-1011044-1012 044-1010044-1013

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