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BMW R1200GS (-2012) 221BMW R1200GS Adventure (-2013) 040-0566 040-0567 Daytime Running Lights, BMW R 1200 GS Increased safety and cool design now available for motorbikes too! Unmissable – powerful – dominant – LEDayFlex! The LEDayFlex daytime running lights system that we use is accommodated in a specially developed plastic body for optimum mounting on the BMW. We have combined advanced design and innovative lighting technology into a perfect unit. Highlights at a glance: - 30 x longer lasting than an H7 bulb - A row of brilliant white lights - 5 lamps in one unit - Each lamp has 5 diodes and one high-power LED - Lentil-shaped, computer-designed lens - Metal housing protects lamp and gives best heat dissipation - Low power consumption at just 8 watts (approx.) 044-3060 LED Fog Lamp and Auxiliary Headlight, BMW R 1200 GS Plug & shine for fog lamps and auxiliary headlights for the R 1200 GS. It could scarcely be any easier. Simply detach the plug from the headlight and connect it to the Touratech cable harness of the LED lamps. That’s all there is to it. No more rewiring of the electrical system! The LED technology has other bonuses as well, as the headlights are lighter and have a lower overall depth, making it considerably easier to mount them. For R1200 GS with or without Touratech Daytime Running Lights (044-3060) LED auxiliary light set left + right fog, silver LED auxiliary light set left + right fog, black LED auxiliary set light fog right/beam left, silver LED auxiliary set light fog right/beam left, black 1200GS without 044-3060 044-5470 044-5471 044-5472 044-5473 1200GS with 044-3060 044-5474 044-5475 044-5476 044-5477 Headlight protector for LED auxiliary headlight (pair) 040-5467 anodised black aluminium 040-5466 anodised natural aluminium 1200GS without 044-3060044-5470044-5471044-5472044-5473 1200GS with 044-3060044-5474044-5475044-5476044-5477

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