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216 040-0663 040-0667 GPS Adapter BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Durable adapter for Touratech handlebar brackets. This adapter enables you to fit your GPS unit in such a way that you can see it clearly. It is fitted to the top windscreen support on the Adventure. Ideal for offroad use. Not for MVG-bracket! (Delivery schedule does not include the GPS bracket) 044-0770 GPS Adapter for R 1200 GS In order to position a GPS unit on the R1200GS so that you can see it properly we have developed a sturdy stainless steel bracket adapter for nearly all Touratech GPS handlebar brackets. You can thus position your GPS unit properly above the instru- ments of your R1200GS. This bracket adapter is incorporated into the front part of the R1200GS. The inclination of the bracket can be set in different positions and the bracket is wide enough for you to be able to position a GPS unit, for example, wherever you want. When using many GPS units with brackets, because of the size of the unit, you can‘t avoid concealing a small part of the instruments depending on the position of the windscreen. But as you can select the precise position yourself, this can be set as you wish. 040-0663 040-0667 + 3cm higher GPS Handlebar Bracket Adapter *handlebar clamp BMW R1200 GS/Adventure Fits to the handlebar clamping support For original handlebar height, up to 2007 040-0664 For Touratech handlebar risers, up to 2007 040-0665 For original handlebar height, from 2008 onw. 044-1070 For Touratech handlebar risers, from 2008 onw. 044-1072

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