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BMW R1200GS (-2012) 215BMW R1200GS Adventure (-2013) P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Folding brake lever + clutch lever set, BMW R 1200 GS Our brake and clutch levers are made from high-strength aluminium and have multiple adjustment settings. This enables the grip width to be set individually. Having the lever in the right position for your hand size and the way you ride means fatigue-free riding even on long journeys and challenging roads. The additional folding function together with the defined, predetermined breaking point ensures maximum safety and allows you to continue riding even after a fall. 044-5645 (-2009) black 044-5646 (-2009) silver 044-5647 (-2012) black 044-5648 (-2012) silver Adjustable Brake Lever BMW R 1200 GS The perfect lever length, an ergonomic shape and pleasantly rounded lines help you to apply just the right amount of braking force. The lever allows for selection from any of 6 positions to perfectly adjust it for any hand size. The adjustment lever has a protruding knob that fits particularly well in the hand, thus facilitating adjustment even while riding. The lever mechanism is carried on highly durable brass bushes. Developed and manufactured by AC Schnitzer. Must be fitted in conjunction with compression piece 610-0407 on vehicles produced from 11/2011 onwards. 610-0400 610-0405 short Adjustable Clutch Lever BMW R 1200 GS 610-0401 610-0406 short Clutch and brake lever set, adjustable, road legal BMW R 1200 GS These new adjustable AC Schnitzer brake and clutch levers are identical in design. As a result, they can be used for the brake or the clutch. Or swapped over in an emergency. Each lever has two end pieces of different lengths, allowing the lever length to be adjusted individually. The end pieces are made from high-strength plastic and also provide a predetermined breaking point. The innovative adjustment wheel allows continuous and extremely precise adjustment of the distance between the lever and handlebar. Now you can enjoy fatigue-free riding and easily compensate for brake wear on tough ride! 610-0408

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