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204 Hard Part SA Windscreen Support BMW R 1200 GS The windshield of the R1 200 GS “shakes” quite strongly,especially at low revolutions and on fast trips. Sometimes it shakes so strongly that real turbulence occurs and the in no way bad wind protection of the R 1200 GS decreases significantly. Even using the small hard part windshield aluminium parts (044-0380) is of relatively little use in this special case because the forces simply act further up. With this support the windshield is supported at more places and the problem is almost eliminated. It is very easy and quick to fit. 044-0414 up to 2007 044-0415 from 2008 Hard Part Windscreen BMW R 1200 GS Say goodbye to broken windscreen elements after a crash or off-road session! With this hard part for the windscreen of the R 1200 GS, the plastic mounting elements are protected against breakage in the event of a crash or heavier than normal use, which may make it impossible to continue riding with the windscreen. The plastic parts are simply replaced with anodised aluminium parts and the problem is solved once and for all. Super easy to change and very short installation time. 044-0380 Windscreen Adjuster for BMW 1200GS for Hard Part (044-0414 and 044-0415). The search is over for a windscreen that works! Windscreens are like seats: a whole lot of different factors influence your personal requirements for the product. Your height, the type of helmet you wear, even your seating position – they all determine whether a windscreen works or not. Discover for yourself what best suits your individual needs with our infinitely variable windscreen adjuster. For Hard Part (044-0414 and 044-0415). 044-5330 - Does not fit the R 1200 GS Adventure

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