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1919 Terms and Conditions This catalog is an international overview of Touratech AG products and does not include prices or general terms & conditions. The prices for orders in Germany are available from the German catalog, by telepho- ne, by e-mail or the German Internet shop of Touratech AG. In this case, the general terms & conditions shall apply to orders from the German catalog or for orders from the German Internet shop. For orders in other countries, where the products are sold via a Touratech distributor, customers can enquire about prices and availability via the respective national Touratech Internet shop or directly from the national distributor. The locally applicable general terms & conditions shall apply to orders placed there. These conditions can be obtained from the res- pective national Internet shop or per enquiry from the national Touratech distributor. EU Directive Information about Returning used Batteries Batteries should not be thrown away with normal household waste. The refuse bin symbol is used to identify batteries that contain hazardous substances and means that these batteries must be disposed of properly and not with household waste. End users are required by law to return used batteries. We are required to inform you that used batteries can be returned to us free of charge. You can therefore send used batteries to us for proper disposal. The chemical symbol for the metals contained in the battery is shown near the refuse bin symbol. “Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for mercury.

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