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1990 1995 2000 2005 2015 2008 2010 2012 2014 B MW Motorr adIntern ationalGS Trophy 2008 2010 2012 2014 B MW Motorr adIntern ationalGS Trophy Adventure, challenge, sweat - that describes the Tro- phy. The legendary competition for GS riders is held somewhere in the world every two years following national preliminaries. The kick-off event featured five teams and took place in 2008 in Africa‘s large sandpit, the Tu- nisian Sahara. The number of teams had already doubled to ten representing thirteen nations by 2010 for the second Trophy event in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. They competed on BMW F 800 GS machines modified by Touratech. Off-road experienced and sand inexperienced. „It’s not a race!“, is what sporting director Tomm Wolf keeps drumming into the participants at the morning briefings. Riding skills alone is not enough. What counts is the talent to improvise, physical condition, fair team play, a cheerful attitude, and seeing clearly despite the dust being churned up by the rider in front. Wild Patagonia is the location for the third international GS Trophy 2012. The three happy winners of the preliminaries who qualify as a team for the Trophy, then compete against 14 other countries in the final competition. All participants are amateurs - ambitious hob- by riders and not race-experienced professionals. Eight days of zig-zagging nearly 2000 kilometers through the Andes in Chile and Argentina await the participants. The route and its differing terrain leads through picture-book landscapes with rustic araucaria forests, snow-covered volcanoes, glaciers and lonely pampas. Everyone rides the same motorcycle, a BMW F 800 GS, which was prepared for tough terrain conditions by Touratech with Hardparts. The daily legs lasting between eight to ten hours are spiked with special stages. You can read about the fourth event of the Trophy in Canada 2014 starting on page 70 of this catalog. Tomm and his marshals always do their best in taking man and machine to their limits. After weeks of scouting tours, Tomm worked out routes full of punch: maximum riding fun at maximum exertion. The terrain is demanding: gravel, hard-packed deep sand, mud, river crossings, single trails and asphalt with potholes, deep enough to swallow an entire motorcycle. The Trophy is full of emotion for the participants. It is a balance between team spirit and ego, a battle together, individually and against one‘s weaker self. In short: experiencing limits with the GS with a high fun factor. Tomm‘s biggest wish, „that they all pass the finishing line without sustaining any injuries“, has so far always been fulfilled. In reality there are no winners or losers. What counts, is to have been a part of it. Trophy 20082010 20122014

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