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1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2009 2009 Southea stAsia DVD – No plan is a good planA voyage of discovery through South-East Asia 091-0196 NO PLAN IS A GOOD PLAN A bike tour through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia sounds like a good plan! And while talking about plans: what happens if one decides to plan nothing, leaving everything to chance? And that is exact- ly what Herbert and Ramona do when they start off on their way to southeast Asia with their 1200 Adventure Desierto 3 and an 800 GS Desierto F with a lar- ge fuel tank and zero kilometers on the clock. They want to discover countries they had never visited before without a film team. Route planning is entrusted daily to the tips of local motorcyclists. The 5,789 kilometer long tour followed the Mekong through exotic villages with bamboo huts on stilts, where carts drawn by water buffaloes, flapping chickens, playing children and fully loaded mopeds with coconuts, green bananas and charcoal dominate the streets - past gigantic waterfalls and over a nearly 1000 kilometer long pass road with one bend chasing the next. Herbert and Ra- mona ride to the Golden Triangle, hike to mystic jungle temples grasped by strangler figs, contemplate the purpo- se of life with monks in bright orange robes, saunter through colorful mar- ketplaces, frequent cookshops - of- fering country-typical protein snacks such as fried insects and undefinable innards for non-internists - on their discovery tour of local cuisine. Hospitality knows no limits. A female market trader gives Ramona a durian as a gift. At the last mi- nute, Herbert can pre- vent the unsuspecting Ramona from putting the fruit in her alumi- num case. There is a good reason why this

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