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1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2009 2009 Thirty years after his first bike trip, Her- bert returned to where everything had started - to Scotland. With his wife Ramona as passenger, he takes his BMW R 1200 RT on a travel in time to the north of the UK, to wild romantic scenery and the rugged but hearty peo- ple that had always fascinated him. He recalls: „Finally on the move. Germany - France - Lake District, in the northwest of England. Fine drizzle. Accelerating through a bend he suddenly met a wooden beam laying across the road. And then things happened very quickly indeed. I braked and ... slipped. My sister remained sitting on the bike for safety reasons. In slow motion my left knee banged against the beam. And then I saw something terrible. Later accounts on the reason for the accident would have sounded more elegant if I had slipped on an invisible oil slick. Instead, the entire road was plastered with sheep sh....t. We got to our feet. Seconds later, a car stopped with a resolute nurse in civvies. She was on her way to Europe for holidays with her family. „Needs to be sutured“ she diagnosed the deep, three centimeter long wound on my knee and piled our duffle bag on her holiday luggage, despite the awful smell of sheep. Erika only had a blue bruise. „And the beam?“, I asked on the way to the next hospital. „This is quite normal here. If a farmer herds his sheep over the road, this is how he warns the other road users.“ Hospital - police station - back to the accident scene. My damaged motorcycle had meanwhile been confiscated. The helpful local Bobby helped us find a bed in a youth hostel. He spent half the night straightening the fork, disassembling blinkers and handlebar from his BSA and fitting them to my machine, and covering the broken headlamp with reflective foil. Before continuing our travels with im- provised spare parts, we stuck plastic carrier bags over the holes in our rain gear. I promised myself: „If I ever come here again, then with a better motorcycle!“ And 30 years later, here we are ... R eunion w ithScotl and

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