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1857 A few days later I pass large barns not far from the roads and ask myself what these large barns are used for. After having taken a look and seeing the tobacco plants on the fields, I slowly grasp the purpose of the barns in the fields. I drive to a small farm in the area and ask the next person who crosses my path. As it turns out, I asked the right person. Miguel explained that the barn belonged to his small farm and was used to cure tobacco leaves, and that I was fortunate because the barn was full of tobacco leaves for curing. Willingly Miguel and his father led me into the barn and showed me how the tobacco leaves are suspended for curing. And no question, I soon had my camera out and started taking photos. Here too, I get invited to stay, lea- ving late afternoon after enjoying a few good cigars. This often happened to me on Cuba, I enjoy the moment and the privilege of having the time.

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