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1856 I had noticed a bicycle parked at the side of the road and piled high with small sacks. I stopped to see what was being transpor- ted. Could hardly suppress a grin - suckling pigs. The snout of the piglet is pushed through a small hole in the sack to let it breath and the sack is tied together at the other end. While I take a pho- to of the bicycle and its sacks, a man crosses the street and comes over. I ask him if it is OK to shoot a few photos, he replies with a smile and encourages me to continue with my photography. Then he wants a photo of himself and my motorcycle before he invites me for a drink in his house. As time goes on, his neighbors also arrive and after what felt like a small eternity drinking rum and some beer in the living room, I was offered a room for the night - which I accepted with thanks. In the evening, the pork is roasted slowly on the grill and eaten together with bread and tomatoes - something one should not miss! After an excellent breakfast on the next morning, I am returned to the roads of Cuba with best wishes.

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