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DVD – The End of the Rains 091-0186 Being on the road with only a tent promises fun and intense communication with the native population. Our travelers are met with African joy of life and willingness to help wherever they go. In the foggy jungles of the Virunga volcanoes they meet the last mountain gorillas on this globe. If each of these animals did not have its own bodyguard, the gentle gi- ants would long have been extinct. But Africa would not Africa if things went smoothly. Who could foresee that the rainy season in 2007 would come with drastic delays with much of the land still being flooded when Herbert and Ramona mounted their enduros? In addition to the challenges of flooded tracks and saddle-high mud holes, this trip through the middle of nowhere also required solving a few technical problems on the BMW G 650 Xchallenge and the BMW F 800 GS. Fortunately, Herbert is an expert at improvising!

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