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1846 30. March 2010: I mount my packed motorcycle and say goodbye to the Black Fo- rest, (Welschensteinach to be exact), for the next few months and depart for Australia. That was the original plan. And 4 years later, on 30. March 2014, I stand on the railing of the Stahlratte (www. and look at Cuba – Santiago de Cuba! That was not the intention, let alone the plan! Four years, a long time, and I would not change them for anything important in my life. Originally I wanted to take between twelve to eighteen months to reach my then destination, Australia. Well, I somewhat overshot my goal, and since then I do not set any more goals. You then tend to be more relaxed, focusing more on the moment, and I would never have landed on Cuba with my motorcycle. But how did things get this far? A question I am frequently asked when on tour. Well, I was fortunate. Fortunate in meeting the right people in the right place and also being lucky in being at the right time in the right place now and then. I traveled through Syria some three months before the political unrest and the war. Shortly after lea- Cuba-itjustsortofhappened…

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