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1844 Tyre pressure gauge Handy tyre pressure gauge, metal housing. Needle reset adjustment by turning the dial. Additional features: • Aluminium housing • Utmost precision • Reads up to 4 bar • 90° angled head • Very rugged • Made in Europe (Germany) • Claimed to be accurate to within 1% over the range • Measures without pressure drop 070-0270 Universal air compressor You can use the Airpower 115 to inflate motor cycle, bicycle, car and truck tyres. Connect to cigarette lighter 12 V oracces- sory socket (standard on BMW‘s) With different valve adators 11.5 bar 900 g 135 mm x 100 mm x 65 mm 070-0289 On all BMWs with (single-wire) CAN-BUS, e.g. R1200GS, F800/650GS etc., the following additional accessories are required in order to use the compressor: On-board socket add-on kit with fuse, 030-0027 or TPS 15 for BMW CAN-BUS relay switch 15A, 044-0450. Important: the compressor can easily be opera- ted using the above items without the CAN-BUS on-board electronics switching off automatically. Airchamp tubeless tyre puncture repair kit If you are well equipped, tyre punctures are no longer a horrifying experience. • Rugged storage bag with full length zip which contains everything you need. • Airchamp cartridge pump • 4 CO² cartridges • Tubeless tyre puncture repair kit • Tyre pressure gauge / metal housing • Dimensions: 255 x 135 mm • Weight: 720 g 070-0287

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