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Outdoor 1843 Air pump SPAERO ALU The SPAERO mini pump features sophisticated technology and high-volume capability; it is well packaged in a housing with a simple, clean and elegant design. The dust cap protects a pull-out hose with a dual-fitting, screw-on connector head that is compatible with all types of valves and provides a positive, leak-free connection. Valve connector: fits all types of valves Length: 215 mm Max. pressure: 5 bar / 73 PSI Weight: 160 g 070-0987 Injex T- Zoom Our tried and tested Injex Zoom air pump now has a T handle for even better operation. Simply lift up the handle and it‘s ready for use. The pump is also only 24 cm long. 070-0274 Air pump Cartridges for Airgun and Airchamp CO² cartridge pumps The kit includes two cartridges with insulating pads so that your fingers don‘t freeze. 88 x 20 mm / per cartridges 070-0288 Airgun Probably the smallest CO² pump. The aluminium pump has a precision pressure regulator (orange) to deliver the exact amount and an insulating pad so that your fingers don‘t freeze. A SUPERB PRODUCT! 070-0277 Airchamp CO² cartrige pump Cartridges are becoming more and more widespread since you no longer need to pump which is a really annoying job. Simply release the air into the repaired tyre and you are rea- dy to go. Handling the CO² cartridges is not easy and you should take care not to release the air accidentally. Our Airchamp will help you do it properly: • Reversible valve suits all valve types • Control lever with safety-lock • Includes one cartridge • Dimensions: 135 x 30 mm 070-0276

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