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Outdoor 1833 LMS water bottle …is fitted to the handlebar crossbar with the bracket supplied. The bottle can be removed from the holder in seconds and is ready to drink immediately. As it is made of polyethylene, the bottle can also be used as a spare oil container. Capacity: 1 litre Weight: 330 g 070-0500 Ortlieb Waterbags Extremely lightweight and durable water sacks with wide closure and valve for regulating liquid flow. Sizes available: 4 and 10 litres. 070-0030 4 litre, black 070-0031 10 litre, black 070-0033 4 litre, tuerkis 070-0034 10 litre, tuerkis 070-0035 Showering resolution MSR Dromedary water bag The Dromedary bag is made of abrasion-proof Cordura® 1000 that won‘t tear. Inside it has a food grade polyurethane coating so that the water bag is absolutely taste free. The material can be used to transport liquids from the freezing to boiling point.The 50 mm wide closure has three functions: filling and draining (Ø 50 mm), drinking (Ø 15 mm) and pouring out small amounts of water (small spout with flap closure). Several loops and a full length strap ensure that the Dromedary bag can be tied down and fastened securely. The MSR filter can be screwed directly into the Dromedary bag. Weight: approx. 284 g, Dimension: approx. 34 x 60cm 070-0036 black 10 litres Weight: approx. 247 g, Dim.: approx. 28 x 56cm 070-0075 black 6 litres Weight: approx. 196 g, Dim.: approx. 25 x 48 cm 070-0074 black 4 litres Weight: approx. 180 g, Dimension: approx. 20 x 42 cm 070-0073 black 2 litres Water bags 070-00304 litre, black 070-003110 litre, black 070-00334 litre, tuerkis 070-003410 litre, tuerkis

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