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1832 Source Tube Insulator Insulation for the drinking water hose. Lenght: approx. 60 cm, Weight: 75 g 070-0151 Source drinking tube Tube length: about 80 cm 070-0067 Replacement Valve “Helix Valve” for Source drinking systems 070-0153 Source Cleaning brush for drinking water hose 070-0152 Source WIDEPAC The brilliant thing about WIDEPAC is its huge opening. This means that the WIDEPAC can be filled, cleaned and dried easily. There‘s also no problem filling it with ice cubes. (-20 °C to +80 °C) Over thousands of miles we have been able to ensure that the closure is completely watertight (even when lying flat in the tank bag!). Now available in three sizes at last: 070-0170 2 ltr., 170 g 070-0171 3 ltr., 180 g Source WLP hydration reservoir, 1.5 litres Low profile design leaves room in your pack for other stuff. The cutout in the centre stops ballooning so the reservoir maintains a constant shape, even in extreme conditions. • Capacity: 1.5 litres • Size: 23.5 x 41.5 cm • Weight: 190 g 070-0155 Hydration System DIVide 2 Liter 2 Drinks in 1 Hydration System Our brandnew D|vide provides two sources of hydration (water/isotonic drink) in one hydration system with two flexible compartments and two drinking valves. Two drinks – no extra equipment With the Widepac D|Vide we proudly introduce a solu- tion how to carry two sources of hydration – without ad- ding an extra piece of equipment, without adding weight or bulk to your hydration pack. The SOURCE Widepac D|vide offers two drinks in one Widepac - with all the unique advantages of SOURCE Hydration Systems. 070-0154 070-01702 ltr., 170 g 070-01713 ltr., 180 g

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