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Outdoor 1831 CONVERTUBE The drinking system for any occasion! Supplied with 2 different sized caps that will fit almost any PET bottles. Whether ist mineral water, cola or lemo- nade you can screw the CONVERTUBE onto almost any bottle. The valve for Source drinking systems is incorporated into the tube. It also comes with a fixing clip and a Velcro strap to fix the drinking tube. Includes adapters for Laken, Evian, SIGG, Nalgene, Ortlieb and MSR. 070-0156 Source LIQUITAINER folding bottle Extra light, flexible, strong drinking bottle It is really tiny when it‘s folded up but when it‘s filled it stands up just like a solid bottle. You can fill it with hot drinks or cool the LIQUITAINER down in the freezing compartment. Capacity: 1 litre Weight: approx. 100 g 070-0157 Drink system Source TRANSPORTER drinking system 2 litres „The multi-functional starter drinking system“ The TRANSPORTER can be fitted onto rucksacks, motorbike panniers or other bags and fits into ap- proximately 20 litre capacity day packs and has two shoulder straps so that you can carry it on your back. The new inner bottle with the 5 cm wide filling spout has also been used in this. This makes it easier to fill and clean and it also dries faster. Weight: 350 g Colour: black 070-0081

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