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Outdoor 1827 070-0914 070-0916 Micropur water purifier Tried and tested over and over again, keeps the water germ, algae and odour free. Silver ions are the most effective and environmentally the safest way to conserve drinking water over extended periods of time (up to 6 months). Also suitable for motor home, cabin and boat storage tanks. It combines silver ions and chlorine (Micropur Forte) and is an effective long-term disinfectant. Reaction time: about 2 hours MC1000F liquid, 100 ml (for 1000 l) 070-0914 MF1000F liquid, 100 ml (for 1000 l) with chlorine 070-0916 MC1T tablets (100 tablets for 100 l) 070-0918 MF1T tablets (100 tablets for 100 l) with chlorine 070-0915 Water filters

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