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1826 SteriPen Adventurer OPTI Fast: the SteriPen purifies one litre of water in just 90 seconds! (0.5 l in 48 sec.) Simple: just press the button - no pumping, no chemicals, no adverse effect on the flavour. Light: weighs just 103 g and fits in any jacket pocket. Effective: the SteriPen works by the same principle as that used in waterworks: UV light is used to render virus, bacteria and protozoa harmless. The SteriPen will also protect you against the pathogens that cause e.g. cholera, bird flu, hepatitis and legionnairesā€˜ disease, plus e. coli and salmonella. Up to 60 litres of water can be purified with one set of batteries (included). Dimensions: approx. 155x40x25 mm 070-0080

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