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1824 Katadyn COMBI water filter Developed for the different water qualities we find all over the world today. The combination of active carbon and ceramics controls not only bacteria but also chemicals. The active carbon also improves the taste of the filtered water and is active against bacteria, protozoa and cysts. • The flow capacity is approximately 1 litre a minute. • Ceramic life span: up to 50,000 litres /active car- bon up to 200 litres per filling. 070-0927 Weight: 580 g Replacement filter cartridge for the COMBI water filter 070-0929 Active carbon refill for the COMBI water filter 070-0930 Katadyn POCKET water filter For decades the POCKET has been one of the favourite water filters for long journeys and has proved its efficiency under the most extreme conditions. The ceramic element (0.2 microns, silver impregnated) filters bacteria, protozoa and cysts from the water. Designed for constant use the POCKET is made of extremely resilient, durable materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. The flow capacity is approximately 1 l a minute. The ceramic element filters up to 50,000 litres of water before it has to be replaced (depending on how polluted the water is). Delivery schedule: • Pre-filter, bottle clip and transportation bottle. • Colour: black • Weight: 550 g 070-0926 Replacement filter cartridge for the POCKET water filter 070-0928

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