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Outdoor 1821 Travel Lunch: For Expeditions, Outdoors, Travel Freeze-dried dishes are extremely small and easy to pack because the water has been removed. Another advantage is the reduced cooking time - this also saves weight because you don‘t need to take so much fuel. Advantages: - extremely light - no preservatives - keeps for years - safe from bacteria - reliably packed - space saving - delicious and varied - can be used on many occasions - Travel lunch provides complete, adequate meals with everything that the body needs, even for the most demanding requirements. It is no problem to bring back the empty packets because the material used is extremely light and extremely economical. And so everybody can make his/ a contribution to environmental protection without a great deal of effort. Adventurers, expedition specialists, mountain climbers, travel journalists, extreme athletes from all over the world swear by Travel lunch. Vital for professionals - takes a load off any traveller‘s mind. It doesn‘t matter if the nearest food shop mi- les away or if you‘ve had a hard day and you don‘t have the strength or the inclination to cook any more. You‘ve already got a tasty meal ready quickly without great expense. Travellunch

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