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2006 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2006 off-road from Canada to Mexico Meanwhile it has become a tradition in the house of Touratech that Herbert embarks on a testing trip once a year with his motorcycle. These expeditions to distant countries not only serve to test the accessories manufactured in the Black Forest under extreme conditions, but also to document thrilling experiences and exciting encoun- ters with people on film and photos. In 2006 the focus is on the travel compatibility of accessories for enduros. A pilot series BMW HP2 and BMW G 650 Xchallenge model are to cover the interesting off- road trail from Canada to Mexico, the so-called Jerry Counts Route. 5000 kilometers in four weeks. Herbert is looking for a suitable female partner for the latter. „She should be able to ride a motorcycle well, enjoy suffering, and be able to make a fire“, those were the requirements. And he found Ramona Eichhorn who has been circumnavigating the world for six years with her 640 KTM. They do not know each other personally, but Ramona has been on the road for 150,000 kilometers with Herbert‘s aluminum cases and he has read all her travel reports. By sheer fortune, Ramona is just stopping over in Vancouver, Canada ... One transatlantic call later, and everything is hunky-dory. Ramona likes the motto behind Can2Mex: no asphalt, no fast-food, no hotels. That is the way she has also been traveling. Herbert‘s question: „Do you snore?“, Ramona‘s reply: „No“, leading to the insight: „Then we can both share the same tent“, which finally breaks the ice. When the trip starts in early November, the mountains in Washington are covered in snow. That means camping in a tent at a freezing -11° C. Icicles are suspended from the protective cowling of the motorcycles in the morning. Together with two photographers and a professional camera team, Herbert and Ramona cross the five states Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and California through snow, mud, gravel, sand and salt. At the end of the tour the other extreme: hot sand has taken the place of snow. In the Black Rock Desert, Herbert and Ramona fly across a flat dried salt lake on their enduros, trailing several hundred meters of dust plumes behind them. The white of the salt plain mixes with the blue of the skies on the horizon. In trance they chase their own long shadows at over 150 kpm. Can2M ex

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