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1818 “SWISS SPICE“ “In fact: one of the most brilliant condiment sets in the world” This set makes seasoning twice the fun. SWISS SPICE is a typical Swiss product well thought out, functional and excellent quality. Both compartments have stick on lids with a curved spring panel mechanism to ensure that they are completely watertight when closed. And from the very start our engineers were enthusiastic about ist shape, function and design. It‘s not only a condiment set but a technical treat. The SWISS SPICE is easy to fill and built to last for ever. Weight: 85 g Made in Switzerland 070-0191 W/O CONTENTS (for spices, pharmaceuticals etc.) 070-0246 SALT `N` PEPPER Barbecue tool „Grandpa‘s FireGrill“ Everything tastes better outdoors; child- ren as well as adults love meals in fresh air in the midst of an adventure. Grandpa‘s FireGrill is a great way to enhance an outdoor food experience. The FireGrill™ makes it so easy to cook freshly caught fish packed with lemon slices and herbs. 070-0989

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