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1812 Infinity - clear polypropylene • ultra light • taste-neutral • easy to clean • temperature resistant • almost indestructible • Ideal for travelling! • dishwasher proof • fully recyclable • contains no BPA 070-0935 Infinity Plate, flat, 23,5 cm, blue 070-0936 Infinity Dish, deep, 16,0 cm, blue MESS KIT - Made in Sweden This light plastic mess kit is versatile and wonderfully practical.It keeps everything you need in mess kits at hand: Breakfast board, plats, folding cup, small bowl, steel cutlery and a salt and pepper set. They all fit inside each other and so the mess kit is very small and compact and will be used on any trip in future. Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.5 x 5 cm Colour: black Weight: 340 g 070-0199 Trangia multi plate Plastic disc tried and tested umpteen thousand times that can be used as a pasta strainer, a cutting board and even a plate. You keep it in the frying pan when you transport the cooker and thus it protects the coating on the frying pan. In winter we put the whole cooker on it so that it doesn‘t sink into the snow. Diameter: 21 g Weight: about 35 g 070-0568

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