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1806 JETBOIL - revolutionising cooking outdoors - Fast, small, light and brilliant. JETBOIL is ideal for all those who want to cook fast and easily as all necessary stove parts are inte- grated into one unit. Both the burner and the cooking pot form a single unit during use. This saves weight and space. The main point: The pot provides excellent insulation so that you won‘t need an extra mug. No matter if you use the pot for coo- king pasta, boiling water, as an insulated cup, as a muesli bowl or cooking pot, the JETBOIL container works perfectly. • Weight: 425 g • Capacity: 1 litre • Dimensions: 104 x 180 mm 070-0628 without cartridge 070-0633 Spare cartridge Coffee filter mesh for JETBOIL Turns the JETBOIL into a coffee maker. Boil water with coffee powder, let it brew and push the mesh down. That‘s how you can enjoy fresh coffee on long trips. 070-0629

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