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Outdoor 1805 Primus gas burner for Trangia cooker Quick, clean and effective. With threaded connector for our screw in cartridges. After the cartridge has been removed the burner can stay in one piece in the cooking set and be transpor- ted like that. 070-0622 Weight: 255 g Multi fuel burner X2 for Trangia cooker 25 + 27 With this „omnivorous“ burner your Trangia set can be suitable even for journeys in areas where the fuel supply is bad. It burns petrol, kerosine, paraffin and gas. The flame can be very finely controlled. It is kept in one piece for transportation. Only the bottle is removed from the burner. Delivery schedule: burner, pump, 600 ml fuel bottle, jet nipple 0,32mm for gas/petrol (in the burner), jet nipple 0,28mm for kerosine/paraffin, service key and storage bag. 070-0616 Weight: 525 g Trangia safety bottle 1,0 litre Plastic bottle for liquid fuel with fast closure. 070-0614 Weight: 165 g Stoves

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