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Outdoor 1803Stoves MSR DragonFly As one of the first petrol stoves, the DragonFly has managed to combine the fine controllability of gas stoves with the heating power of petrol stoves. You can go from simmering to extremely high heat and all stages in between.The DragonFly can be run on pure petrol, paraffin and unleaded petrol. The wide pan supports ensure that even large pans do not topple over. Delivery schedule: Cooker, pump, wind guard, heat reflector, accessory kit, packsack and instructions for use. Weight: 510 g Fuel bottle not included. 070-0605 Stove WhisperLite™ Universal The WhisperLite Universal hybrid-fuel stove is our first to combine canister and liquid fuel capabilities into one compre- hensive package. Built on an upgraded WhisperLite™ chassis featuring improved stability, lighter weight and simplified maintenance, it burns just about any fuel you‘re likely to find. And unlike anything that‘s come before it, our patent-pending AirControl™ technology delivers uncompromised performance across all fuel ty- pes, and we‘ve delivered it all in a lightweight package that won‘t slow you down. 070-0648

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