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1800 Soto fuel bottle for Muka stove Fuel bottle for the Muka liquid fuel stove for short trips and holiday travel. The bottleā€™s neck and thread are designed specifically for the Soto pump unit. Its extra wide opening allows the bottle to be filled directly from the fuel pump at filling stations. The large opening also makes it easier to clean the bottle. 070-0676 Capacity: 700 ml 070-0677 Capacity: 1000 ml Soto Maintenance kit for Muka Stove Includes: O-Rings P-34 Backflow Prevention Valve Unit O-Rings S-3 Backflow Prevention Valve Spring O-Ring 13.8 x 2mm Pump Filter Multi-Tool Silicone Grease Pump Shaft Gasket 070-0678 Soto Generator unit for Muka Stove Includes: Generator Unit Screw M4x6 Generator Joint 070-0679

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