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Outdoor 1799 Deutsch English Français Español Auto Benzin Petrol/Gasoline (USA) Essence Gasolina Reines Benzin (Waschbenzin) Pure Benzin/White Gas (USA) Essence à l‘usage domestique Gasolina domestica Petroleum Paraffin/ Kerosene (USA) Pétrol Petroleo Brennspiritus Methylated spirit/fondue fill Alcool à bruler Alcohol de que mar Pic.:JoePichler-Indien Snow Peak GIGA Power WG One of the most flexible petrol cookers on the market. The Giga Power WG belongs to the next generation of petrol cookers. No pre-heating. It can be as finely controlled as a gas cooker, it is silent, has a small packed size, powerful, durable and a fine piece of craftmanship. It is great fun making hot water from a pan full of snow quickly so that you can make yourself a cup of hot tea or conjuring a delicate outdoor menu slowly and with no hurry. The parts included in the delivery and the accessories for the GIGA POWER WG that can be dismantled completely is of the same high quality finish as the burner. Delivery schedule: • Burner • pump • spirit bottle, 0.6 litres • repair set • filling spout • 2 carrying bags. 070-0617 ServiceKit Snow Peak GigaPower WG Contains all the components that are needed to replace worn or damaged stove or pump components. 070-0668

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