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1798 Spoilt for choice - which cooker is the right one? Deciding on a specific cooker is, in the truest sense of the word, “a matter of taste”.Of course, in many cases, it depends on the destination.Thus a gas cooker is certainly sensible for a trip through Europe because normally there is no problem in getting cartridges. If there are no screw-in cartridges available our plug-in cartridge adapter will help. It is more difficult in remote areas. Here it‘s better to go for petrol cookers. Even if you‘re on a trip with the motor bike you will then have sufficient quantities of fuel. Another alternative is a spirit cooker. Of course, spirit has the lowest calorific value of all fuels used with cookers and for that reason it does not have any working parts such as a generator or nozzle. Thus the spirit cooker is one of the most reliable ways of conjuring up food outdoors. With air travel you must realise that you may not take any fuel with you into the aircraft. The best thing is to find out the airline‘s special conditions and guidelines before you travel.

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